2021 results 

HALL AGGREGATE – Carolyn Johnston



BEST PRESENTED HALL SECTION – Winner – Produce (Convenor Liz Frahn)


Aggregate –Oliver G.

Open Grand Champion – Samantha England -Jones

Junior Grand Champion – Oliver G.

Open Art Champion – Catherine Gibbons

Intermediate Champion (17-19 Years) – No entries

Junior Champion (14-16 Years) – Hayley H.

Junior Champion (11-13 years) –Erika M.

Junior Champion (8- 10 years) – Mila S.

Junior Champion (5 -7 years) – Matilda G.

Junior Champion (4 years and under) – Olivia G.

Judge’s comments: The community has once again exhibited an outstanding range of art.  The Junior section in particular contains an excellent range.  The Open section demonstrated a wide range of techniques.  The outstanding expression and skill level reflect the creativity of the Callington community.


Aggregate – Michelle Birken

Open Grand Champion– Michelle Birken – Night Photography

Junior Grand Champion – Cortni P.  Portraits, children and family.

Open Champion –Michelle Birken

Happy Snapper Colour Champion – Nicola Walsh

Local Section Champion – Brett Stokes. Local Scene

Junior Champion (13-16 Years) – Cortni P. Portrait, Children & Family.

Junior Champion (12 years and under) – Kelly S.  Nature.

Judge commented that the finite detail of the Open Grand Champion winning picture was superb.  Entries in the Junior sections continue to excel both in composition and in their camera function usage.  Open Section again displayed the entrants’ high degree of thought and composition.  The quality of photos in some classes made judging a winner difficult.


Open Aggregate – Carolyn Johnson.

Open Grand Champion – Esther Crompton. Lumber Jack Cake

Junior Aggregate – Elsie J.

Junior Grand Champion – Elsie J. Carrot cake.

Encouragement Award – Bruce Tonkin. Carrot Cake

Sponge & Fancy Cooking Champion – – Barb Smithies Cheesecake decorated

Champion Cakes and Fruit Cakes – Esther Crompton. Lumber Jack Cake

Pastries, Bread, Buns & Scones Champion – Kerry McCauley. Sour Dough Loaf

Junior Champion (13-16 Years) – Elsie J. Carrot Cake

Junior Champion (8 – 12 years) – Louis M. 5 muffins

Junior Champion (5 -7 Years) – Olando C.  Apricot Balls

Junior Champion (4 Years and under) – Carlo C.  Apricot Balls

Carrot Cake – Cherrol Wundersitz

Laucke CWA Scone mix (Savoury) –  1st Judy Paech, 2nd Robert Addison.

Open Decorative Cake Champion – Nicola Walsh. Birthday cake.

Junior Decorative Cake Champion –  Cortni P. Birthday cake.

Champion Decorative Baking Individual/Family Group –

Judge’s comments: An excellent display of cooking, exhibitors need to follow the schedule. The cooking standard was very good in the Junior classes. Lovely to see ‘No cook’ entries for children. Well done to all competitors.  Good luck in the year to come. 


Open Aggregate – Thelma Pfeiffer donated by Daish Irrigation

Open Grand Champion – Dianne Kendall. Collection of garden cuts, 3 distinct varieties.

Junior Grand Champion – Darci S. Rose 1 Bloom

Aggregate Junior – Darci S.

Open Champion Rose – Dianne Kendall, Any rose 1 bloom.

Open Champion Bulbous – Rex & Leah Liebelt. I cut not listed

Open Cut Flowers Champion – Dianne Kendall.  Any other Rose.

Junior Cut Flowers Champion (16 Years and under) – Darci S.  Rose, 1 Bloom

Judge’s comments – Great competition and a wonderful quality of entries.  The Roses section was very competitive and Iris had many breaded iris exhibits. Champion was a Stunning daffodil.


Aggregate –  Marie Fendler. 

Grand Champion – Connie Launer

Open Champion – Connie Launer. Pelargonium in Bloom

Junior Champion – Darci S.. Plant in novel container

Judge’s comments – A wonderful array of potted plants with many quality plants staged.  Congratulations to the Convenors and Stewards for the hard work staging the entries. 


Aggregate –  Christine Hillier

Grand Champion –  Christine Hiller.

Needlework Champion –  Christine Hillier. Handstitched Jacket

Embroidery/Tapestry Champion – Angela Champion – Christmas Skirt

Crochet & Knitting Champion – Danielle Fagan – Crochet Octopus

Paper Champion –   Tania Jackson – Box Card

Beads Champion –  Maureen Gibson – Beaded gold ball

Plastic, Wood & Metal Work Champion –   Phill Mckenzie – Wood turn bowl

Craft Champion – Nettie Harrison.  Decorated bottle.

Over 70’s Champion– Anne-Marie Zanker – Patchwork Peter Rabbit

Champion Special Needs – Rachel Ward – Knitted jumper

Judge’s Comments – Good quantity and quality of entrants.  Well done.  Some entries had amazing detail, which showed a high level of skills.


Aggregate –  Jasmine S.

Grand Champion –  Lucia G. donated by Galaxy Park

12 – 16 years Champion – Yohannar P., Wood, metal plastic work

7 – 11 years Champion –   Jasmine S.

6 years and under Champion – Oliver G.

Judge’s Comments – Junior handicrafts this section shows creativity and the attention to detail is amazing.  So many lovely handmade things.  Lots of imagination was shown by the entrants.


Open – Deanna Clark

12 -16 year – Holly C.

11 year – Abby B.

10 year – Scarlet A.

9 year  – Kobi G.

8 year -Zara N.

7 year – Ada D.-A.

6 year  – Ellisa B.-R.

5 year old – Emily Rose S.

4 & Under – Hayley Jade R.

Special Needs – Dustin C.


Champion – Duncan Family. Birds of Callington


Aggregate Carolyn Johnson

Open Grand Champion – Carolyn Johnson.  Quince paste.

Junior Grand champion –  Thomas J.  Beetroot

Open Eggs Champion –  Jo Webb. 6 Hen eggs, one colour.

Open Vegetables Champion – Clive Wundersitz.  Asparagus.

Open Fruit Champion –  Jo Webb.  Any other fruit.

Open Jams, Marmalades & Spreads Champion – – Monica Turner.  Lemon butter.

Open Pickle & Preserves Champion. – Carolyn Johnson Quince Paste

Junior eggs Champion – Erika M.  3 hen eggs, one colour.

Junior Produce Champion–   Thomas J.  Beetroot.

Special Needs Champion –  No entries.

Best made face from fruit or vegetables under 4 years –  Oliver G.

Best made face from fruit or vegetables 5 to 7 years –  Paxton N. & Matilda G.

Best made face from fruit or vegetables 8 to 12 years –  Zara N.

Judge’s Comments –  Champion Quince Paste was a lovely colour.  It was nice to see a large number of entries across all sections. A nice friendly show with lots to offer.


Grand Champion – Robert Watkins, Upcycle

Scarecrows champion –  Maxine Ashton. Scarecrow

Open Hats Open Champion –  Monica Turner. Decorated hat.

Junior Farm Hats Champion –  Paxton N.  Decorated farm hat.

Open Boots Champion –  Monica Turner.  Useful boots.

Junior Boots Champion – Matilda G.  Decorated gumboots.

Miniature Garden 12 years & under –  Matilda G.  Farmyard garden

Miniature Garden Open – Michelle Bell, Fairy Garden

Judges comments –  Overall standard was very good, Hats and Boots section was well supported. 


Aggregate: Monica Turner

Grand Champion: Robert Watkins , Upcycle Metal

Champion Open Wood or Metal: Robert Watkins

Champion Junior Wood or Metal: Johannan P.  Plastic

Champion Open Plastic or Fabric: Monica Turner. Indoor

Judge’s comments: A great display and a good addition to the show. A detailed description of how each piece was made could prove interesting.


Aggregate –  Inglebrae Holdings

Grand Champion – Rob Thiele, Canola

Pre Harvest – Rob Thiele, Canola

Hay Champion – Inglebrae. Oaten Hay.

Judges’ Comments – An outstanding quality of entries, which shows a favourable season in the area, crops exhibited show promise of high grain yield and good quality.


Aggregate –  Lucernbrae

Grand Champion – Lucernbrae

Merino Champion –  Lucernbrae

Lamb’s Wool Champion –  Lucernbrae

Coloured Wool Champion –  Amy Van Hoof

Prem Shorn –  Lucernbrae

Junior under 16 – Ruby P.

Judge’s comments: The exhibit where good standard given the late seasonal of the break. 


Grand Champion Garden –  Carolyn Mills

Champion Small or Cottage Garden –  TBC

Champion Overall Front/Back Garden –  Tracey Harvey

Champion Out Door Living Garden  – Bob & Cheryl Kovarskis

Champion Young Garden – Mandy Dolman

Champion Large Acreage/ rural Garden – Margi Dunn

Champion Water Wise garden –  Kathy S Roberts

Champion Native Garden –   Lou & Garry Duncan

Champion Most Improved from 2018 –  Tracey Harvey

Any other –  

Encouragement Award –