Winner – Blacksmith & bike shed



Winner – Callington Triple Challenge (Convenor: Fiona Challen)

Highly Commended – Junior Handicrafts (Convenor: Deanna Clark)




Aggregate – Joy Everest

Open Grand Champion – Catherine Gibbons

Junior Grand Champion – Kade M.

Open Art Champion – Catherine Gibbons

Intermediate Champion (17-19 Years) – No entries

Junior Champion (14-16 Years) – Abi C.

Junior Champion (11-13 years) – Aijana K.

Junior Champion (8- 10 years) – Arabella R-W.

Junior Champion (5 -7 years) – Jasmine S.

Junior Champion (4 years and under) –   Matilda G.

Special Needs Champion – Kade M.

Judge’s comments: The community has once again exhibited an outstanding range of art.  The Junior section in particular contains an excellent range.  The Open section demonstrated a wide range of techniques.  The outstanding expression and skill level reflect the creativity of the Callington community.


Aggregate – Stuart Daddow

Open Grand Champion – Christine Frizell.  High Speed Photography.

Junior Grand Champion –  Cortni P.  Land/sea scapes.

Judges Encouragement Award –  Cortni P.

Open Champion – Christine Frizell. High Speed Photography.

Happy Snapper Colour Champion – Christine Frizell.  Land/sea scapes.

Local Section Champion – Cherrol Wundersitz. Before and After.

Junior Champion (13-16 Years) – Cortni P. Land/sea scapes.

Junior Champion (12 years and under) – Lucy McA.  Nature.

Judge commented that the finite detail of the Open Grand Champion winning picture was superb.  Entries in the Junior sections continue to excel both in composition and in their camera function usage.  Open Section again displayed the entrants’ high degree of thought and composition.  The quality of photos in some classes made judging a winner difficult.


Open Aggregate – Carolyn Johnson.

Open Grand Champion – Rachel MacKenzie. Zebra cake.

Junior Aggregate –  Elsie J.

Junior Grand Champion –  Elsie J. Chocolate log cake.

Encouragement Award – Josiah M.

Sponge & Fancy Cooking Champion – –  Tristian Dodd. 6 cooked slices.

Champion Cakes and Fruit Cakes –  Rachel MacKenzie.  Zebra Cake.

Pastries, Bread, Buns & Scones Champion –  Bruce Tonkin. Scottish black bun.

Special Needs Champion –  Maude O’T. Chocolate chip biscuits.

Junior Champion (13-16 Years) – Jett T. Loaf of bread.

Junior Champion (8 – 12 years) –  Elsie J. Chocolate Cake

Junior Champion (5 -7 Years) –  Paxton N. Chocolate chip cookies.

Junior Champion (4 Years and under) –  Matilda G. Chocolate crackles.

Laucke CWA Scone mix (Sweet) –   Jessica B.

Open Decorative Cake Champion –  Nicola Walsh. Decorated cupcakes.

Junior Decorative Cake Champion –  Cortni P. Birthday cake.

Champion Decorative Baking Individual/Family Group –

Judge’s comments: The zebra cake, while having good stripes, was a moist, light, good crumble cake with a lovely appearance.  The cooking standard was very good in the Junior classes.  Well done to all competitors.  Good luck in the year to come.  Thanks to Callington A & H Society for inviting me to judge.  Keep cooking!


Open Aggregate – Thelma Pfeiffer

Open Grand Champion –  Barb Smithies.  Bearded iris 1 cut.

Junior Grand Champion –  Ben G.  Flowers – 3 cuts or blooms.

Aggregate Junior – Ben G.

Open Champion Rose – Thelma Pfeiffer.  White rose 1 bloom.

Open Champion Bulbous – Barb Smithies. Bearded iris.

Open Cut Flowers Champion – Dianne Kendall.  Collection of garden cuts.  3 distinct varieties.

Junior Cut Flowers Champion (16 Years and under)  – Ben G.  Any shrub 1 cut.

Judge’s comments – Great competition in each class, and wonderful quality of entries.  The Grand Champion was a fabulous lavender/blue bearded iris.  Outstanding.


Aggregate –  Myra Heinjus.  Maidenhair fern coarse.

Grand Champion – Myra Heinjus.  Maidenhair fern coarse.

Open Champion –  Myra Heinjus.  Maidenhair fern coarse.

Junior Champion –  Lauren Van H.  Succulent or cactus.

Special Needs Champion –   No entries.

Judge’s comments – A wonderful array of potted plants with many quality plants staged.  Congratulations to the Convenors and Stewards for the hard work staging the entries.  Congratulations to all the exhibitors.  Great work.  Grand champion was a superb maidenhair fern – well done.


Aggregate –  Anna Smolski. Crochet & knitting and Beaded Article

Grand Champion –  Bob Prestwood.  Plastic, wood & metalwork. 1/5th scale horse carriage.

Needlework Champion –  Dixie Sachse. Needlework Any Other.  Mr Fox toy.

Embroidery/Tapestry Champion –  Wendy Osborne.

Crochet & Knitting Champion –  Anna Smolski

Paper Champion –   Tania Jackson

Beads Champion –  Anna Smolski

Plastic, Wood & Metal Work Champion –   Bob Prestwood

Craft Champion – Janelle Haffenden.  Hat any medium.

Over 70’s Champion–  Rob Frahn

Special Needs Champion –  Michael T

Judge’s Comments –  Good quantity and quality of entrants.  Well done.  Some entries had amazing detail, which showed a high level of skills.


Aggregate –  Amy Van H.

Grand Champion –  Lauren Van H.

12 – 16 years Champion –  Lauren Van H.

7 – 11 years Champion –   Tanisha B.

6 years and under Champion – Matilda G.

Judge’s Comments – Junior handicrafts this year were very hard to judge.  So many lovely handmade things.  Lots of imagination was shown by the entrants.


Open – Kirstie Pym

12 -16 years – Holly C.

8 to 11 years – Memphis L.

7 year old – Sally

6 year old – Esther M.

5 year old – Zac

4 & Under – Matilda G.

Special Needs – Connor A.


Aggregate – Jasmine Geue. Poetry & prose.

Open Grand Champion – Chris Russack. Poem “The Callington Smithy”

Junior Grand Champions – Alijana K. Story “Green Sea, Cold Ice”

Junior Champion (13-16 years) – Alijana K. Story “Green Sea, Cold Ice”

Champion Junior (9 – 12 years) – Jessica D. Poem “Food Is Life”

Champion Junior (6 -8 years) – Olivia McA. Story “The Secret Land”


Combined Effort – L & J Wegener (Combined Effort)

Champion Girl – Elsie J. (kit)

Champion Boy – Angus W. (7-9 years)

Judge commented that the Lego entries showed great imagination and creativity.  A great deal of effort had gone into the entries.


Champion Bird of Show – Hall family

Reserve Champion Bird – Fix family

Champion Junior Bird under 16 – Charlotte McA.

Champion Junior Bird under 10 – Lucy McA.

Aggregate for most points in Poultry – Hall Family

Champion Heavy Breed Male – Brodie Fix

Champion Heavy Breed Female –   Peggy Moyes

Champion Light Breed Male – Hall Family

Champion Light Breed Female – Hall family

Champion Hard Feather Bantam Male – Hall Family

Champion Hard Feather Bantam Female – Fix family

Champion Soft Feather Bantam Male – Hall family

Champion Soft Feather Bantam Female – Tyler Fix

Champion Water Fowl Male – Danmalec Poultry. Muscovy drake.

Champion Water Fowl Female – Hall family. Pekin duck.

Judges’ Comments –   It was a pleasure to see so many birds presented for judging at Callington Show.  The majority of birds were well prepared and used to being handled.  At this time of year, the breeding season is in full swing and therefore both male and female birds usually show feather damage.  The most outstanding exhibit was a large Old English Game Blue Red Male – a good example of its breed, beautifully presented and a joy to judge.


Champion – Melanie Reiffel & family.

2 Dimensional task – Lou Duncan & family.

3 Dimensional task – Melanie Reiffel & family.

Written Piece – Melanie Reiffel & family.

Judge’s comments:  I was flattered to be asked to judge the new section for this year’s Callington Show.  The calibre of entries was exceptional, making judging a challenge.  The most outstanding exhibit displayed originality and a personal touch.


Aggregate Denise Frahn

Open Grand Champion – Cherrol Wundersitz. Pickled Onions.

Junior Grand champion –  Lucy McA.  Cabbage.

Open Eggs Champion –  Jo Webb. 6 bantam eggs, one colour.

Open Vegetables Champion – Merle & Colin Rawlins.  AOV Vegetable not listed – asparagus.

Open Fruit Champion –  Cherrol Wundersitz.  150g dried fruit.

Open Jams, Marmalades & Spreads Champion –  Denise Frahn.  Lemon butter.

Open Pickle & Preserves Champion –  Cherrol Wundersitz. Pickled onions.

Junior eggs Champion – Josiah M.  3 hen eggs, one colour.

Junior Produce Champion–   Lucy McA.  Cabbage.

Special Needs Champion –  No entries.

Best made face from fruit or vegetables under 4 years –  Oliver G.

Best made face from fruit or vegetables 5 to 7 years –  Zara N.

Best made face from fruit or vegetables 8 to 12 years –  Jessica D.

Best made face from fruit or vegetables Open – Adam Deane.

Judge’s Comments –  Champion Pickled Onions had good crunch and flavour.  The overall quality of the entries was very good.  It was nice to see new and modern takes on bottled fruit.  Excellent entries in the dried fruit class.  A nice friendly show with lots to offer.


Grand Champion – Monica Turner. Scarecrow

Scarecrows champion –  Monica Turner. Scarecrow

Open Hats Open Champion –  Monica Turner. Decorated hat.

Junior Farm Hats Champion –  Paxton N. Decorated farm hat.

Open Boots Champion –  Rita Nayda.  Most worn boots.

Junior Boots Champion – Esther M.  Decorated gumboots.

Miniature Garden 12 years & under –  Matilda G. Fairy garden

Miniature Garden Open – Monica Turner

Judges comments –  Such a diverse display.  Hats and Boots section was well supported.  The scarecrows were very colourful.


Aggregate: Tim Thumlert

Grand Champion: Denise Frahn. Indoor

Champion Open Wood or Metal: Tim Thumlert. Indoor

Champion Junior Wood or Metal: Josiah M. Any other.

Champion Open Plastic or Fabric: Denise Frahn. Indoor

Champion Junior Plastic or Fabric: Saskia W.  Outdoor.


Judge’s comments: A great display and a good addition to the show. A big thanks to the exhibitors and the convenor.  Two outstanding exhibits:  Quilt – excellent use of heirloom materials.  Guitar – excellent use of many small items.  The artiness and imagination of the use of discarded materials was most impressive.  For the first year of competition there were a good number of entries.


Aggregate –

Grand Champion –  Colrae Farms. Preharvest Barley

Cereals –  Inglebrae. Hard Wheat

Small Seeds & Pulses – Inglebrae. Canola.

Pre Harvest – Colrae Farms. Barley.

Hay Champion – Colrae Farms. Any Other Variety.

Judges’ Comments – Some very well presented entries.  Some of the entries showed a high yield potential, which indicates a favourable season.  The Hay entries were of a particularly high quality.


Aggregate –  Lucernbrae

Grand Champion – Inglebrae

Merino Champion –  Inglebrae

Lamb’s Wool Champion –  Lucernbrae

Any other Breed Champion–  Catherine Gibbons

Coloured Wool Champion –  Amy Van Hoof

Prem Shorn –  Lucernbrae

Junior under 16 –  Memphis L.

Judge’s comments: The Most Outstanding exhibit possessed extremely good characteristics expected in the Merino breed.  Good character and style along with a massive fleece weight for commercial production.  The quality and weight of the exhibits were good given the seasonal conditions.


Grand Champion Garden – Leanne Alberts

Champion Small or Cottage Garden –  Margi Dunn

Champion Overall Front/Back Garden –  Dee & Frank Lock

Champion Out Door Living Garden  – Bob & Cheryl Kovarskis

Champion Young Garden – Peggy Moyes

Champion Large Acreage/ rural Garden – Debbie Thompson

Champion Water Wise garden –  Kathy S Roberts

Champion Native Garden –   Lou & Garry Duncan

Champion Most Improved from 2018 –  Tracey HArvey


Grand Champion – N/A

Best Holden –   Lance Britten-Jones.  05 VZ Holden Crewman

Best Ford – Mick McCardle. Ford F250 4×4

Best Other Make – Aaron Coombes.  Nissan Patrol.

Best B & S Styled – Robert. Toyota Landcruiser.

Best Feral – Katharine Sullivan.  BA Ford Falcon Traytop

Best Chicks – Stephanie Coombes.  Nissan Navara.

Best Street – Lance Britten-Jones.  05 Holden Crewman.

Best Classic – Rivette.  1971 HG Holden Ute

Best Themed – N/A


Most Lights – Andrew Mitchell.  AU Ford Falcon Ute

Most Flags – Rivette.  1971 HG Holden Ute

Most Stickers – Aaron Coombes. Nissan Patrol

Most Aerials – N/A

Best Bull Bar – Robert.  Toyota Landcruiser.

Cleanest Ute – Aaron Coombes.  Nissan Patrol.

Dirtiest Ute – Robert. Toyota Landcruiser.


Judge’s comments: Four donkeys participated today, and as they were new to showing, the events were kept low key.  They all did well and are making progress in their showing careers.  Today’s events were a mixture of performance and novelty events, ranging from obstacle course to musical chairs.


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